Mirelle Associates is family-owned and operated in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania and partners with churches and small businesses as a trusted resource for professional payroll processing. Additional services include bookkeeping, accounting, consulting and administrative services.

Accurate Payroll You Can Depend On

  • Small business payroll processing
  • Simple, cost-effective plans
  • Direct deposit at no additional charge
  • All common pay types supported
  • Voluntary deductions such as insurance, retirement plans and more are included

The benefits of a large payroll company without the costs

  • Professional Payroll, Tax Filing & Bookkeeping
  • Filing of weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tax payments and forms (Federal, State and Local)
  • Direct deposit payment options for contractors, vendors and suppliers
  • Annual 1099 and W-2 preparation
  • End of year reporting
  • Business consulting services
  • Church payroll processing
  • Easy import into Quickbooks™

All Services Include Mirelle Associates’ “100% Accuracy Guarantee”
We guarantee 100% accuracy of all payroll processing and tax data. We file taxes and returns on-time, prior to deadlines to avoid IRS penalties – always.