Mirelle Associates has expertise with churches, small businesses and non-profit payroll processing.

Accurate Paydays

  • Guaranteed accurate federal, state and local tax calculations
  • Voluntary Taxable and Pre-Tax Deductions
    • Taxable and pre-tax premiums for medical, dental and vision
    • Vacation and sick pay tracking
    • Wage garnishments
    • Retirement plans
    • Flexible spending accounts
    • Dependent and Medical care
    • Cash advance and loan payments
  • Direct deposit and secure online employee access to pay stubs
  • Church pay types including cash and in-kind housing allowance
  • Payments to independent contractors

Federal Tax Deposits and Filings

  • Quarterly and year-end filings including W-2’s
  • Initial employment forms
  • Social Security number verification for new employees
  • Employer registration forms

State Tax Deposits and Filings

  • Quarterly and year-end filings
  • Single and multi-state withholding tax payments and filings
  • New hire reporting
  • Employer registration forms

Local Tax Filings

  • Earned income tax (EIT) filing
  • Local Services Tax (LST) filing
  • Quarterly and year-end filings
  • Employer registration forms